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Sheriff's Citizens Advisory Committee

2018_sheriffNapierWeb.jpgAs the Sheriff of Pima County, it is my responsibility to ensure we provide effective and compassionate law enforcement services to all citizens of Pima County.  I have always endeavored to engage with the public by attending a variety of community events each week and I will continue to do so.  In furtherance of this engagement, I believe it is important to form a group of community leaders to improve communication, foster community partnerships, and maintain the public’s trust.  Thus, I am forming the Sheriff's Citizens Advisory Committee (SCAC).  The purpose of this committee is to provide input, bring forth concerns, and keep open lines of communication between me, the Department, and the people we serve. The SCAC will consist of twelve (12) members and will meet with me or my designee monthly. 

There will also be an opportunity to serve on two (2) subcommittees, the Citizen Review Panel and Use of Force Subcommittee. The Citizen Review Panel will  be comprised of six (6) community members and will actively participate in Executive Review briefings conducted by the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) Division. The Use of Force Subcommittee will also consist of six (6) SCAC members who will participate as active
members in the Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s formally organized Use of Force Committee as
outlined in PCSD Rules and Regulations. 

Full Subcommittee Description

Prospective members must submit a membership interest form available below. Selected members will serve a term of twelve months and may be continued for one additional twelve month term.


SCAC Membership Form

Below is the prefered online application form for the Sheriff's Citizens Advisory Committee. A pdf has also been provided for those who would prefer to download, complete, and email the form seperately.

The Sheriff's Citizens Advisory Committee (SCAC) will meet once a month at a Pima County Sheriff's Department facility during evening hours. *
I am able to serve on the following subcommittees: