Community Accountability

PCADC (Jail)

This PCADC page covers statistics and summaries about our detention complex and its inmate population. This information includes the inmate population, demographics, and incident numbers.

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Our Corrections staff work diligently to keep all of our Pima County Adult Detention inmates safe. There are still moments where incidents occur, and the reports below create transparency about how often those events happen.

Year to Date Lifesaving Efforts

20 Year In-Custody Death Report

PCADC Suicide Attempts (CPAST Results)

In-Custody Assaults

Critical Incident Review

There are questions about the characteristics of the inmate population. We have included these monthly snapshots to give clarity about our inmates and their charges.

2020 Booking Demographics

Holding Charges

The Pima County Adult Detention Complex can hold up to 2355 inmates. These reports display what the monthly average population looks like currently. We have also included information about how those numbers historically compare to Pima County's population.

2020 Average Daily Population

Historical Comparison of County and Inmate Population