Community Accountability

Office of Professional Standards

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The information found on the Officer of Professional Standards page covers investigative findings, complaint summaries, and use of force information.

As a law enforcement agency, we are responsible for public safety, which comes with standards and expectations that must be met.  Here you will find a link to the Pima County Law Enforcement Merit System Council website and a ten-year review of investigative findings within the department.

Law Enforcement Merit System Council

 10-year Office of Professional Standards Investigative Findings

It is unfortunate, but on occasion, our commissioned and corrections staff are required to use force to protect the public and each other. In efforts to help the community keep us accountable, we have included our Use of Force policy, a year to date report with historical data, and our use of deadly force statistics.

Major Policies

Use of Force Report (Year to Date and Historical)

10-Year Deadly Force Report

On this tab, you will find information to clarify the types of complaints our Office of Professional Standards investigates. We have included summaries of the allegations made against our employees.  For now, these summaries are only available for 2020. We have included the definitions of some of the terms you may read on these reports for clarity.

  • Administrative Investigations - Investigations initiated internally at the request of the Administration.
  • Citizen Complaint - Complaints received from Citizens or Inmates
  • Formal OPS cases - Investigations conducted by the Office of Professional Standards involving allegations of employee misconduct.  Usually involves serious/major procedural violations or repeated lesser violations.
  • Incident Performance Reviews - Complaints viewed as minor policy violations rather than outright misconduct.  Referred to the division-level (employee’s chain of command) for follow-up.
  • Medical Complaint - Complaints from inmates regarding their medical care at the jail.  Medical personnel are contract employees. Complaints from inmates regarding their medical care at the jail are referred to Pima County Behavioral Health for investigation.
  • Commendations - Compliments on employees from citizenry praising the actions of department members.
  • Assigned to OPS - Cases assigned to the Office of Professional Standards for investigation.
  • Completed by OPS - Cases completed by the Office of Professional Standards.
  • Active by OPS - Cases currently under investigation by the Office of Professional Standards
  • Active Overdue - Cases still under investigation by the Office of Professional Standards that have passed the initial due date.
  • Advisories - Inquiries or concerns that lack the basis for a valid complaint.
  • Complaint Alerts - A computer-generated message alerting that an employee has received three or more complaints in a twelve month period. 

Monthly Activity Report