Community Accountability

Calls For Service

On our Calls for Service page, you will find information regarding our commissioned employees and their work with the public. These reports cover life-saving efforts, response times, and summaries on major investigations.

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One essential element of a deputy's job is to be prepared and present when Pima County citizens are in danger. We have included reports that show just some of those moments our deputies arrived and performed life-saving efforts.

5-year Search and Rescue Report (with Year to Date)

NARCAN Dose Report

The Pima County Sheriff's Department will be there when the community calls. These reports give clarity to the kinds of calls we receive, how quickly we can be there, and demonstrate our commitment to Pima County.

Calls for Service

Calls for Service Trendlines

PCSD Response Time Report

YTD Border Patrol Assists

Many of our calls for service lead to more in-depth investigations.  In our effort to demonstrate transparency while maintaining the integrity of the cases, we will provide brief descriptions of some of those investigations.

Investigation Synopsis

Officer Involved Shooting Investigations: