Community Accountability


On our Administrative page, you will find information about our employees, including staffing numbers, attrition, and demographics. The page also covers our Departments' budget, training, and special acknowledgment of our employees' good work.

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Our employees have all chosen a career of public service dedicated to Pima County. Our employee categories consist of commissioned, corrections, and civilians. On this tab, you will find reports about our current staffing numbers and our attrition statistics.

Department Employee Headcount Snapshot

7-Year Staffing Separation from Classification Attrition Report

It is part of our responsibility to keep the public informed about our budget and efforts at fiscal accountability. We have made available our current fiscal year budget, as well as previous years.

2020/2021 Fiscal Year Budget

Our department is comprised of the members of our community. This Employee Demographics report reflects the representation of Pima County inside our Sheriff's Department.

PCSD Employee Demographics

The Pima County Sheriff's Department is committed to enhancing our techniques to meet law enforcement's evolving philosophies. A reason why our training hours exceed the minimums for the state. We also have on-going training throughout our careers. In this section, you will find the syllabuses for our Commissioned, Corrections, and Civilians. Directly below are the listed hours for law enforcement training from AZPOST versus our Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy.


AZPOST (required hours)

PCSD Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy

Orientation & Introductions



Intro to LE



Law & Legal



Patrol Procedures



Traffic Control



Criminal Investigation



Community & Police Relations



Report Writing



Proficiency Topics
(First Aid, Physical Training, Firearm Safety, High Risk Stops, Defensive Tactics, and Vehicle & Pursuit Operations)



  585 795.5


5-Year Training Academy Schedule


Communications Training

Corrections Training

Firearms Training

Commissioned Training

Advanced Officer Training

It is important to us that we acknowledge the extrodinary efforts of our departmnt members. To that end we have an annual  Awards Program and a Memorial Ceremony for members who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  

5-Year Award Distributions

PCSD In Memoriam

Our Awards Program provides for the presentation of certificates and decorations to Department members and citizens of the community to recognize acts of heroism, outstanding service performance, or injuries sustained in the line of duty. Individuals may be selected to receive any of the awards,  below you will find medal descriptions in order of precedence.

  1. Medal of Honor - Awarded to a Department member who has been distinguished in a conspicuous manner through a specific act of gallantry and intrepidity, risking his/her life above and beyond the call of duty.
  2. Medal of Valor - Awarded to a Department member who has been distinguished by an act of gallantry that, although it does not meet the criteria for the Medal of Honor, renders the recipient conspicuously above the expected standard of conduct.
  3. Medal of Merit - Awarded to a Department member who has been distinguished by an act of heroism not involving criminal activity.
  4. Purple Heart - Awarded to a Department member who has been wounded or killed while engaged in any action against an adversary of Pima County, the State of Arizona, or the United States of America, as a direct result of hostile criminal action, maltreatment by a captor or captors while being held hostage, or as an indirect result of hostile criminal action.
  5. Public Safety Achievement Medal - Awarded to a Department member or member of another public safety agency for meritorious service involving imminent personal danger, extreme physical challenge and/or hardship.
  6. Public Service Achievement Medal - Awarded to a Department member or member of another public service agency for exemplary performance of assigned duties during a year or throughout a career. The recipient's actions must exhibit an outstanding degree of dedication and devotion above and beyond professional standards.
  7. Honorable Service Medal - Awarded to a Department member who completes twenty (20) years of active service with the Pima County Sheriff's Department or killed in the line of duty.
  8. U.S. Military Service Medal - Awarded to a Department member who has served in a branch of the U.S. Military, active duty or reserve component. The member must meet one of the following criteria: successfully and honorably complete at least one (1) enlistment, have a Certificate of Honorable Discharge or have a Certificate of Service.
  9. Volunteer Service Medal - Awarded to a Department volunteer upon completion of ten (10) years AND 5,000 hours of volunteer service, or killed in the line of duty.
  10. Sheriff's Citizen's Medal - Presented to a citizen of the community, not a Department member, for exemplary service to the citizens of Pima County.
  11. Retirement Medal - Awarded to a Department member who retires in good standing with a minimum of twenty (20) years of service with the department or receives a normal retirement with full benefits from ASRS, CORP, or PSPRS.
  12. Sheriff's Unit Commendation Certificate - Awarded to a Department Unit for exemplary service above and beyond the normal performance of assigned duties.
  13. Sheriff's Commendation Certificate - Awarded to a Department member, a member of another law enforcement agency, or citizen of the community for dedication to public safety, outstanding commitment and devotion to the department, or exceptional service for the community.