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School Resource Officer

sro11.jpgThe Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s School Resource Officer Unit is comprised of one sergeant and 13 deputies serving over 50 different school sites around Pima County.  The primary focus of the PCSD SRO Program is to provide regular deputy presence in the 19 middle and high schools in our service area.

By providing deputies to be a regular presence in schools, we recognize the terrific opportunity we have to positively impact the lives of young people and to represent to them adult role models who are not only law enforcement officers, but also people who care for their welfare and success.

Deputies in the School Resource Officer Program focus on three main areas:  Mentoring, Resource to School Staff, and Conducting Law Enforcement Investigations

Mentoring:  SROs are encouraged to spend time in schools getting to know young people through regular interaction.  Building relationships, being approachable, and participating in discussions when students face difficulties extends the Sheriff’s Department as a problem-solving resource in the community.  Being involved with kids and learning about their challenges, visiting with parents and family members, and offering help when needed positions the SRO to have the greatest possible positive impact in situations where young people might otherwise be left to their own devices.

Resource to school staff:  SROs collaborate with education professionals to identify long lasting solutions to problems affecting students, parents, and the school staff & environment.  SROs are available to lend a hand in addressing problems related to the school site, the surrounding neighborhood, school zones and bus stops, and after-hours incidents that impact the school and students.  SROs are there to assist and advise the school in the development of safety plans and procedures for dealing with everything from school violence to unexpected emergencies.  The SROs work hard to amplify the Sheriff’s Department as a resource to help make an optimum learning environment at every school we serve.

Conducting law enforcement investigations:  When alerted to possible juvenile delinquency or other concerns that may affect the well-being of young people, SROs are expected to provide thorough front line investigations and bring those matters to an appropriate conclusion.  SROs are encouraged to take a collaborative, holistic approach to these incidents, working hard to identify contributing factors that may be influencing poor choices and focusing on identifying solutions to those core problems.  SROs are encouraged to provide ongoing monitoring of situations with children who come to their attention to ensure strategies for success are working, and to acknowledge the success and accomplishments of kids in the schools they serve.

The School Resource Officer Program is a dynamic front-line program that provides proactive community police service to our most valued citizens.  The Sheriff’s Department is committed to this opportunity to prevent crime, assist young people, parents, and teachers, and to provide leadership and mentoring to children in Pima County.