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March 2014 Field Release

News from Chief Deputy Nanos:

The Tucson and Ajo Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers have reached a milestone this past year….over ONE MILLION hours donated to the Sheriff’s Department!  I am very grateful for the wonderful people we have that commit to the spirit of volunteering which certainly increases our ability to be more efficient with our resources and to get the job done!  The generosity and dedication of these folks does not go unnoticed, not only by me, but by each of you who deal with SAVs on a regular basis.  On Monday, March 10th, new SAVs will graduate from the Associate class.  Two other classes of SAVs; Basic and Field Operations, will graduate as well.  I am so pleased that the Tucson, Ajo, and Green Valley SAVs, are continuing to thrive and assist us every day.  Please make sure you thank them when you have a chance.

I would like to echo the Sheriff’s enthusiasm with the new radio system that will cut over, beginning March 15th in Ajo and in the early morning hours on March 16th in Tucson.   The PCWIN project has been an extraordinary project with many of our folks participating, spearheaded by Chief Paul Wilson and Captain Mike Sacco, and will culminate with a state of the art radio system.  I look forward to hearing many of you much more clearly!

Building Safety:

Facility safety checks are completed each month at all Sheriff’s Department facilities.  Your Risk Management Section either conducts the safety checks or facilitates the safety checks through designated safety liaisons at each facility.  The safety checks insure that each facility is safe for employees and that the emergency equipment is present and functional if needed.

The safety checks include:

  1. Fire extinguishers are inspected for blockage, access, and capacity.
  2. The emergency lighting and exit signs are inspected to insure that they are present and lighted (if applicable).
  3. The exits and stairwells are checked to insure that they are free of clutter and not blocked.
  4. The AED’s are inspected to function properly and to insure the pads and user’s kit are present.
  5. Fire risers are checked to insure that they are locked in the open position, access is not limited and there is no clutter near the fire riser.
  6. First aid kits are checked and supplies re-stocked if needed.
  7. Sharps container capacity is checked and the container is replaced if 2/3 full.

If you notice any facility-related safety issues, please contact Ken Coultas, Risk Management Section Manager at 351-6100 or Lorna Keydoszius, Department Safety Officer at 351-8027.

Would you like a fast and easy way to identify crime trends in your beat?:

Crime Reports is a powerful tool that allows you to obtain statistics and identify crime trends within a specific area.  It can be accessed by visiting pimasheriff.org and clicking the Crime Reports link on the homepage. 

 As a frequent user of Crime Reports, Deputy Joe Copeland said, “I find that Crime Reports is much easier to use in identifying crime trends as compared to Spillman. If I find myself looking into a rash of burglaries or car busts in the district, it is easier to put in the crime that I’m looking for and the beat that I’m looking at to generate a printable list as well as a usable map of the crimes than going through Spillman and inputting the same information.”

 Crime Reports can be used to:

 Identify crimes in district by type, location, and time of occurrence

  • Create heat maps that visualize the time of day, day of week, and locations of crimes
  • Prepare printable reports for Neighborhood Watch and HOA meetings
  • Identify patterns and trends of crimes by analyzing data found

 Citizens also have access to certain features of the tool, allowing them to:

 Create email alerts to automatically receive information about crimes in their area

  • Locate nearby sex offenders
  • Provide anonymous tips to 88-crime about criminal activity

 Citizens can access Crime Reports in the same fashion as deputies, by visiting pimasheriff.org

 To watch video demonstrations of some of the features of Crime Reports, please visit: http://vimeo.com/search?q=PublicEngines 

 Some features of Crime Reports are only available to law enforcement personnel and require login credentials.  To access these features please contact Sharon Beasley via email at Sharon.Beasley@sheriff.pima.gov and request a log in. 

Corrections Female Recruiting:

The Corrections Bureau recently began a recruiting campaign to target women applicants for Corrections Officer positions. Specific recruiting efforts include Facebook Chats, live recruiting fairs, individualized tours, Jail Open House events, radio, and television promotions.  The goal of the recruitment effort is to present a realistic overview of the job we do on a daily basis, dispel some myths regarding correctional work, and highlight the many benefits offered by the Sheriff’s Department.

A group of dedicated female officers voluntarily took center stage in our community to promote this cause at the Park Place Mall.  In an effort to show the diversity of the group and the nature of the work, various uniforms were modeled and all disciplines were represented. 

The group was able to speak from personal experience with the women of this community and dispel many of the myths and stereotypes associated with women in Corrections and the Sheriff’s Department in general.

Although women make up a small percentage of the total officers in the Corrections Bureau, they serve with honor and professionalism and are a vital component of our organization. 



Deployed Military:

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