A Word from the Sheriff

When a fellow law enforcement member’s life is suddenly and tragically taken, it causes all of us to reflect about training and safety in our chosen career.  I am committed to supporting all of you by endorsing the purchase of effective public safety equipment, providing innovative training, and the constant review of practices and policies to enhance your safety. 

One of the biggest projects in the last decade that will promote your safety will become a reality with the PCWIN and 911 cutover beginning March 15th and 16th.  I know you will all have received radio training and are anxious to be on the new system. I thank you for your patience while we made this important endeavor a reality.

News from Chief Deputy Nanos

The Tucson and Ajo Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers have reached a milestone this past year….over ONE MILLION hours donated to the Sheriff’s Department!  I am very grateful for the wonderful people we have that commit to the spirit of volunteering which certainly increases our ability to be more efficient with our resources and to get the job done!  The generosity and dedication of these folks does not go unnoticed, not only by me, but by each of you who deal with SAVs on a regular basis.  On Monday, March 10th, new SAVs will graduate from the Associate class.  Two other classes of SAVs; Basic and Field Operations, will graduate as well.  I am so pleased that the Tucson, Ajo, and Green Valley SAVs, are continuing to thrive and assist us every day.  Please make sure you thank them when you have a chance.


6-yr-old Deputy Joins SWAT Team

In a private ceremony, 6-yr-old Moses Thompson was sworn in as a Special Deputy by Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik. Moses passed the rigorous testing to become the newest member of the Pima Regional SWAT Team. Moses, who has an undiagnosed illness, received the chance of a lifetime - to train with the SWAT team for a day. 

During his training, he experienced breaching a door, handcuffing a "bad guy", and checking out the Department's helicopter.

The Sheriff's Department is honored to have had Deputy Thompson for his special day and to help fulfill his dream.

Would you like a fast and easy way to identify crime trends in your beat?

Crime Reports is a powerful tool that allows you to obtain statistics and identify crime trends within a specific area.  It can be accessed by visiting pimasheriff.org and clicking the Crime Reports link on the homepage. 

 As a frequent user of Crime Reports, Deputy Joe Copeland said, “I find that Crime Reports is much easier to use in identifying crime trends as compared to Spillman. If I find myself looking into a rash of burglaries or car busts in the district, it is easier to put in the crime that I’m looking for and the beat that I’m looking at to generate a printable list as well as a usable map of the crimes than going through Spillman and inputting the same information.”