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September 2013 Field Release


Deployed Military

Leica Scanner

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department, in cooperation with the Pima County Attorney’s Office, recently purchased the Leica C10 laser scanner and the Leica GPS system. These  two new pieces of equipment will allow us to record crime scenes in three dimensions with great quality.

The Leica GPS system was purchased to replace the Sokkia GPS system that the Traffic Unit has been using to document crime scenes for the past seven years.  The Sokkia system was dated; experienced software and hardware failures and no longer had manufacturer support.  The Leica system works the same way as the Sokkia system; however, the Leica system has advanced technology and new hardware.   The Leica GPS uses court tested technology and is highly beneficial in rural and traffic related crime scenes.

The Leica C10 Laser scanner uses beams of light to take millions of measurements that can be entered into the newly purchased Computer Aided Drawing software to show a three dimensional representation of a crime scene.  The scanner can be used indoors and out; in small and large spaces.  The scanner can be used to document the scene of a murder, an officer involved shooting, a traffic collision, etc.  The scanner image will prove to have great value for jury panels, reconstructing shootings and collisions.  Using the software, a viewer can be walked through a crime scene from any perspective, photographs and text can be added and animated re-creations can be made.

Forensic Unit personnel are currently being trained and will soon be operating and maintaining the new systems.  Currently, the systems will only be used for crimes investigated by a C.I.D. unit or Traffic Section unit unless otherwise authorized.  This new technology will benefit Pima County greatly.  The ability to appeal to a jury with an extremely detailed visual representation of a crime scene will increase the likelihood of a conviction in criminal cases.

Sheriff's Canine Dies

The Sheriff’s Department is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Kilo, one of our canines.

On September 10, 2013, Kilo, Deputy Ahern’s canine partner, had to be euthanized due to a sudden spinal cord injury that paralyzed the back half of his body. The injury occurred while Kilo was off duty and chasing a toy in Deputy Ahern’s back yard.  Kilo was taken to the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson where he was diagnosed with trauma to his spinal cord from a broken piece of spinal disk. The veterinarians treated Kilo with every procedure available to them.  Unfortunately, they were unable to restore any movement in Kilo’s rear legs.

Kilo was purchased by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in November 2010 and was assigned to Deputy Ahern. After 12 weeks of basic training, Deputy Ahern and Kilo were certified by the National Police Canine Association in the specialties of narcotics detection and patrol.  Together, Deputy Ahern and Kilo found numerous suspects that fled from deputies and were one of the most productive narcotics teams in the history of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Canine Unit.  Since February 2011, Deputy Ahern and Kilo conducted 263 narcotics searches. These searches resulted in numerous narcotics and currency seizures. The combined total of Kilo’s seizures was 4,723 pounds of marijuana, 43 pounds of cocaine, 4 pounds of methamphetamine, ½ pound of heroin, and $1,059,412 in United States currency.

One of Kilo’s most notable seizures was made on August 28, 2013. Deputy Ahern and Kilo conducted a narcotics search of a commercial tractor trailer and Kilo alerted to a wooden crate containing a large safe. As a result of this alert, the crate was ultimately opened and over $300,000 of suspected drug related currency was located inside of the safe.

Kilo was known as an extremely social and friendly dog that loved to work.  Kilo was a true asset to the Sheriff’s Department and a great canine partner.  His loss is felt deeply by his partner Dep. Ahern and the entire Sheriff’s Department family.

Jeanne Linebarger

The Sheriff's Department is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Jeanne (Princess) Linebarger.  Jeanne was born on January 1, 1962 in Newton, NC.  She was joined together with her soul mate Thomas Linebarger Sr. August 1, 1985.  Jeanne passed away on August 14, 2013 at Tucson Medical Center.

Jeanne was involved with several different ministries in North Carolina prior to coming to Tucson.  In 1993, Jeanne moved to Tucson with her family.  She became involved with the ministry at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.  She became President of the Usher Board, sang in the Adult Choir and sang in the Tucson AZ Mass Choir.  She was very involved with the church Outreach Feeding Ministry as well.  Jeanne owned her own business, Jeanne’s Finest Touch Cleaning Service, and was General Manager for Kosho Karate Bear Canyon of Tucson, AZ.  She lived a very active life before becoming a member of the Sheriff’s Department family.

Jeanne came to the Sheriff’s in December of 1999, as an Intake Support Specialist.  During her time here she was awarded two Sheriff’s Commendations Certificates and two Outstanding Employee Awards.  She was a dedicated 14 year employee who served the public with the highest quality.  She will be missed by everyone here at the Department.

Military Service Medal

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