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July 2013 Field Release

A Word from the Sheriff

As we make our annual transition from the mild weather of spring to the heat-filled days of summer. The Department has witnessed a significant change in its leadership as we say goodbye to retiring members and promote their successors. Many thanks and congratulations are owed to our two retiring Bureau Chiefs—Warren Alter and Rick Kastigar. These men dedicated a combined 75 years to this organization. We wish them well in their future endeavors and I am sure our paths will cross again. With their departure we welcome three new Chiefs, four Captains, three Lieutenants, and four Sergeants to the commissioned side of the house. Congratulations are in order for each of these promotees. I am confident they will provide the necessary leadership for our future.

These changes are just a glimpse at what is coming for our agency. An unprecedented number of supervisors and managers are scheduled to retire in the next five years. While this means a number of good people will be leaving us, our succession plan has included the development of many well-qualified members who will successfully fill these roles. These changes are also exciting in terms of the large number of future promotional opportunities.

This Department's success is a result of so many good people throughout the organization who keep it running smoothly. Our community is fortunate to have so many dedicated deputies, corrections officers, civilians, and volunteers who work together fulfilling our mission. I again extend my deepest thanks for the perseverance and sacrifice of the men and women throughout this Department. Your efforts are what make this agency a model for others in law enforcement. Our Department's accomplishments are a result of your commitment to the citizens of Pima County. I am proud and honored to be a part of it!

Another hot summer is upon us and I hope each of you get the opportunity to take time away from work and enjoy activities with friends and family. Whether you are staying close or vacationing away from home, do all you can to take some time to relax and enjoy yourself.

2013 Regional Memorial



Deployed Military

Obituary for David Starr

David Starr, born in 1946 in Iowa City, Iowa, passed away on June 11, 2013. David graduated from East High School in Pueblo, Colorado. He was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps from 1965 through 1968 and while serving in the Vietnam War, received the Purple Heart. He then moved his family to Tucson, Arizona where he served for over twenty one years in the Pima County Sheriff's Department, achieving the rank of Lieutenant in 1979. As a Lieutenant, David was a District Commander and was in charge of the Special Operations Section for six years which included Search and Rescue, SWAT, the K-9 Unit, and the Explosive Ordinance Team. After retiring from the Sheriff's Department in 1993, David moved to Florida, bought a catamaran and spent the next twelve years sailing the Atlantic Coast and the Caribbean. In 2004, he sold the boat and moved back to Arizona, settling in Bisbee. David was preceded in death by his father, James Starr. He is survived by his mother Evelyn, his brother John and his wife Nancy and their children Kristie and Amy, his sister Karen, his daughter Jodie and her husband Richard, and his daughter Jessica and her children, Caden and Madison. David loved reading, spending time with his family, sailing, and above all else, helping others. His friends and family loved him deeply and he will be missed greatly by all who knew him. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in David's name to the Sheriffs Auxiliary Volunteer Memorial Fund or The Wounded Warriors Project at http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org. A private memorial service will be held in Pueblo, Colorado at a date to be determined by the family.



Back Row (Left to Right): Jeffrey Abbate, Weston Barkley (Oro Valley), Gregorio Ciasca, Cody Gress, Robert Fennesy, Kristopher Joyce, Justin Petersen, Daniel Sharp Jr., Adam Schoonover, Robert Hansen 

Front Row (Left to Right): Steven Copp, Tanner Henry, Matthew Lesage, Richard Coz
Michael McGrogan, Tyler Nicholson (Oro Valley), Lynsey Cole, Donald Warden Jr., Laurel Holl, Adrian Ruiz, Luis Guererro, Joshua Terpstra

Changes in the K-9 Unit

The Canine Unit is changing personnel both human and canine. Sergeant Paul Hill has replaced recently promoted Lieutenant Stephen Carpenter. New handlers Deputy Paul Petropoulos and Deputy Randy Nice are taking the place of Deputy Mike Moseley and the vacated deputy spot left by Sgt. Hill. Additionally, two dogs "Randy" (Sgt. Hill) and "Bodhi" (Dep. Moseley) are retiring. Both dogs have given many years of dedicated service to the Department and will be enjoying retirement relaxing at home.

On June 18, 2013, the Canine Unit, supported by the Air Unit, traveled to Broussard, Louisiana to purchase two new police service dogs. Sgt. Paul Hill, Deputies Jake Nixon, and Erick Maldonado made the trip to test and select the new police service dogs. Once in Louisiana, Deputies Nixon and Maldonado spent two days evaluating six dogs in several rigorous tests. The evaluation process is one of the most thorough in the law enforcement community and includes tests for obedience, hunt drive, and fight drive. At the conclusion of the testing, "Kaya" and "Joran" were selected and brought to Tucson.

Kaya will be assigned to Sergeant Paul Hill and Joran will be assigned to Dep. Petropoulos. "Max" (Lt. Carpenter) will be reassigned to Dep. Nice. Both Kaya and Joran are male Belgian Malinois, imported from Holland. Kaya is almost four years old and Joran just turned three. Both dogs scored extremely well in an extensive police dog competition in Holland before coming to Louisiana.

The new handlers and dogs will begin their twelve week basic training course soon, where they will be trained in narcotics detection and patrol functions. All of the new Canine Teams are on schedule to be operational by mid-September.

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