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Deputy Sheriff

Under general supervision: Performs law enforcement work of moderate difficulty in enforcing laws, maintaining order, protecting life and property, and investigating and assisting in the prevention of crime. Performs related work as required. Work may be required on weekends and holidays according to assigned shift and duties. May be assigned to any geographical area or functional unit of the department.

This classification is the entry-level commissioned officer in the Sheriff's Department and is actively engaged in law enforcement activities. It is distinguished from Sergeant which has supervisory responsibilities for a unit or an assigned shift.

How to Apply:

Applications for the position of Deputy Sheriff are only available at pre-determined times through-out the year. Following is the current hiring schedule for Deputy Sheriff:

  • Process Open/Close: July 17, 2015 - July 31, 2015
  • Multiple Choice Test: August 8, 2015
  • Physical Fitness Assessment: August 22, 2015
  • Anticipated Academy: May 16, 2016


  • Complete both the AZPOST Personal History Form and the Deputy Background Packet.
  • Place "DNA" in any field that does not apply to you.
  • Read carefully and follow ALL instructions contained in the packets.
  • Have all of the authorizations (AZPOST and DEPUTY SHERIFF Packet) forms notarized prior to submitting your background packet.
  • If prior military, complete the "REQUEST FOR MILITARY RECORDS" form and have it notarized also.
  • Bring BOTH, COMPLETED packets with you to the Physical Agility test.
  • Bring required documents with you to your Oral Board interview.

Corrections Officer

Performs corrections work ensuring the welfare of adult inmates, court or direct remanded juvenile inmates, departmental and superior court staff, and maintaining security control and custody in a functional unit of a direct supervision jail. This is distinguished from the Deputy Sheriff classification, which is certified to exercise law enforcement powers.

The Pima County Jail is a Direct Supervision facility. In a direct supervision jail, corrections staff controls behavior of the jail population through a proactive concept based on direct inmate supervision. In this setting, inmates are given the responsibility to influence their treatment and privileges through control of their own behavior. This direct supervision approach is unlike the more traditional reactive containment approach, which utilizes bars, security glass and other barriers.

How to Apply:

Applications for the position of Corrections Officer are only available at pre-determined times through-out the year. Pima County will not accept applications outside of active process dates. Following is the current hiring schedule for Corrections Officer:

  • Process Open/Close: May 22, 2015 - June 5, 2015
  • Multiple Choice Test: June 13, 2015
  • Physical Fitness Assessment: June 27, 2015
  • Anticipated Academy: October 19, 2015


 By the closing date and unless otherwise notified, please apply using the following link:

  • External Candidates must apply through the Pima County External Career Center 
  • Current Pima County employees must apply through the Internal Career Center in the ADP/ESS Portal.
  • Candidates must apply to Requisition 801 before 12:05 a.m. on 06/06/2015

If you have any additional questions please contact Pima County Human Resources.