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Orders of Protection

Protective Orders:

The Civil Enforcement Section serves Orders of Protection at no charge to the plaintiff. Follow the four steps in order to have an Order of Protection processed for service.

  1. To obtain an Order of Protection from an Arizona Court, the contact number for Pima County Superior Court is 724-3210 and their website is http://www.cosc.co.pima.az.us/.
  2. Once you have been granted an Order of Protection you can download and complete our information sheet from our website or pick up an Information sheet at our office. 
  3. Please ensure you read the following Civil Enforcement fact sheet concerning service of your paperwork.
  4. Bring your court paperwork and completed information sheet to our office to process for service. Although we prioritize the service of Orders of Protection, it may take up to 5 business days for the defendant to be served.

We are located at the following address;

Pima County Sheriff's Department
Civil Enforcement Section
32 N. Stone Ave., 16th floor
Tucson, Az. 85701

For additional questions please contact us at (520) 351-6000.

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