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Services, Charges and Fees

Process Service Deposits and Fees

Waivers and deferrals:

Unless you provide a waiver or deferral from an Arizona Superior Court, there will be charges for serving your papers. A valid copy of the court order waiving or deferring fees must accompany the papers you submit for service.

Waiver– means that the issuing Court is waiving all service fees and charges, and, therefore, no payment will be required.

Deferral – means that you will be billed later by the Pima County Sheriff's Department for any applicable service fees and charges.

Out of state waivers or deferrals will not be accepted.  You may contact a local Arizona Superior Court for assistance in obtaining a waiver or deferral order.

Required Deposits:

A deposit is required with all civil processes except for Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment with a dating relationship, which are exempt from fees. Payment may be made  cashier's check, money order or law firm check or debit card in person. Checks must be made for the proper amount and be made payable to the Pima County Sheriff's Department.  A deposit of $100.00 is required, per service, on all civil process and criminal papers (Subpoenas, Summons, etc.). A deposit of $50.00 per person being served on Injunctions Against Harassments or Injunctions Against Workplace Harassments without a Waiver or Deferral.

A deposit of $300.00, one set of original paperwork, a set for each person being served, and an extra set is required on all writs:

  • Writ of Execution - General or Special
    Writ of Restitution, Attachment or Possession
  • Writ of Replevin
  • Writ of Garnishment

Extra charges may apply concerning multiple services.

After deduction of charges and fees, any excess deposit will be refunded to you by mail. If the fees exceed the amount of the deposit the Pima County Sheriff's Department Civil Enforcement Section will bill you for that amount.

The required deposits will be:

Protection Orders No charge
Injunction Against Harassment with dating relationship No charge (stipulated by the court)
Injuntions Against Harassments $50.00 per person being served
Injunctions Against Workplace Harassments $50.00 per person being served
All civil process and criminal papers $100.00 per person being seved
Writs $300.00 per case




Original Civil Suit Summons $16.00
Witness Summons $16.00
Writ of Attachment $48.00
Claim and Delivery $48.00
Taking and Approving Bond $12.00
Endorsing the Forfeiture of a Bond $12.00 plus a recording fee
Levying an Execution $24.00 plus a recording fee
Returning an Execution $16.00
Writ of Possession or Restitution $48.00
$40.00 per additional hour, if service time exceeds 3 hours
Posting the Advertisement of a Sale $12.00
Posting or Serving anything else as required or permitted by law $16.00
Executing a Deed under Order of Sale $24.00
Executing a Bill of Sale to each Purchaser of Property Under Execution or Order of Sale $16.00
Designation of a Homestead or Other Exempt
Certificate of Redemption $24.00 plus a recording fee
Writ of Garnishment and Related Papers $40.00
Preparation, including Notarization, for Affidavit
Of Service
Skip Tracing Services $56.00 plus disbursements
Storing Personal Property Reasonable Fee
One-Way Mileage Fee for Service and/or each Attempted Service $2.40 per mile $16.00 minimum
not to exceed 200 miles
Collecting Money on an Execution made by Sale $8.00 per $100
not to exceed $2,000
Collecting Money on an Execution without a Sale $4.00 per $100
not to exceed $1,000

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