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San Xavier District


DOSanX.jpgSan Xavier District Office - map
2545 E. Ajo Way
Tucson, Arizona 85713-6203
Phone (520) 351-3888

Robles Ranch Substation - map
16140 W. Ajo Way
Tucson, Arizona 85735-2099
Phone (520) 822-5355

Tucson Estates Substation - map
5900 W. Western Way Cir
Tucson, Arizona 85713-4330

General Information

The Pima County Sheriff's Department's San Xavier District is located at 2545 E. Ajo Way, phone number (520) 351-3888. In addition to the main district office, there are two substations within the San Xavier District; the Robles Ranch Substation located near Three Points, at 16140 W. Ajo Way, phone number (520) 822-5355; and the Tucson Estates Substation located at 5900 W. Western Way Circle. The San Xavier District office and the Robles Ranch Substation are open to the public Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

The district is assigned a lieutenant, 5 sergeants, 56 deputies, 3 civilian staff, and several Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers. The San Xavier District covers the area south from Pima Mine Road to approximately Starr Pass and Mile Wide Road to the north and from approximately Kolb Road on the east to approximately Coleman Road on the west. Generally, deputies patrol the unincorporated areas of Pima County; however, they are dedicated to serving and protecting all residents of Pima County.

The San Xavier District is centered on providing quick response to calls for service including, but not limited to the following:

  • Public assistance
  • Criminal matters
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Civil matters
  • Emergency situations

In addition to responding to calls for service, community policing projects are implemented to target specific concerns that residents of the San Xavier District have voiced. The men and women of the San Xavier District continue to develop a partnership with the citizens of our district and continue to work together towards the common goals of safer neighborhoods and roadways.

Directed Patrol

The San Xavier District's Directed Patrol Unit consists of one sergeant, four deputies, and a civilian analyst. This unit is tasked with a variety of assignments from assisting field deputies, providing more in-depth investigations, preparing crime analysis, conducting saturation patrols, to providing community outreach. The members of this unit are proficient in planning and writing operations plans that can be realistically executed. The Directed Patrol Unit "targets" known trouble spots in the community, allowing the unit to "focus" their investigations on specific areas, enhancing the opportunity to catch criminals in your neighborhood. Directed Patrol works closely with the Safe Streets Unit and the Counter Narcotics Alliance, bringing more resources to bear on criminal activity. The Directed Patrol Unit is active, versatile, and tactically aware; they provide invaluable resources to the field deputies and residents of the San Xavier District.

The Directed Patrol Unit is one more way in which the Pima County Sheriff's Department strives to improve the services provided to the residents of Pima County. Directed Patrol works "behind the scenes" to help resolve issues of drug trafficking, burglaries, auto theft, etc. When a criminal problem is identified in the community, the Directed Patrol Unit is the solution!

Community Awareness

There are many reasons that Pima County residents enjoy living in the county's more rural areas: less noise, beautiful desert views, an actual back-yard, and privacy!

A major problem for law enforcement and emergency personnel is trying to find "you" when you reside in the more secluded and remote areas of unincorporated Pima County. Streets and addresses are not easily visible or are not properly marked.

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